A Credit-Based Backlink Checker

theWebShed backlink explorer is a solution that doesn't exist at the moment in SEO - a backlink checker with all the data and insights you need, but using a credit-based system so you only pay for what you use.

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A Credit-Based Backlink Checker

Deep Link Analysis With The Explorer

A list of backlinks doesn't tell you much. Neither does a long list of top domains, or most popular anchor texts.

We've built the Backlink Explorer so you can manipulate and explore your data like never before.

Compare multiple data points together to unearth the real insight from your - or your competitors - backlink profile.


The data you're used to, at a price you're not

We're working with Majestic to provide you with the very best and detailed backlink data available. But our model is a little different, as not every wants an expensive subscription.

Daily new & lost links

We'll provide daily new links and lost links - for your website, or your competitors

Best in class data

We grab all of our link data from Majestic - "The planet's largest Link Index database"

Pay for what you use

Our backlink checker works off a credit-based system, so you only pay for the checks you do. Plus the backlink data is always saved

Want to see it in action?

With access to the Backlink Explorer starting from as little as £7.99 per month there's no excuse not to join our growing community today.

If you're not sure just yet if it's right for you, then why not book a demo where we can show the backlink tool in action.