CSV Uploads Now Within The Onsite Optimiser

2 November 2017 Kieran Headley Leave a comment Dev Updates

We are super proud of the Onsite Optimiser, a tool that makes it incredibly easy for you to update a website without the need for code or FTP access.

But we’re always looking for ways to improve productivity, from improving the data that is brought into the tool, to updating the different filtering options.

Today we rolled out a new feature; the ability to update a websites optimisation from a CSV file upload. Yes, that’s right – you can now optimise your website using Excel.

First you need to navigate to the Onsite Optimiser app within the platform. Here you will see the new “Update with CSV” button at the top of the page;


When you select “Update with CSV” you will be taken to the new CSV management page. From here you can download a list of the pages on your website as a CSV file.

Then just update the fields you want to upload in excel and save the file as a CSV and upload it on the CSV management page. Ensure that you keep the headings of the columns the same as they are in the CSV download, otherwise the changes will not be made.

You can then see the results of your changes on the Optimiser page, the audit reports and the website itself. It really is that easy! 🙂

If you want to see more of this and the other awesome apps we have please book a demo of the tool in action.