Why you need theWebShed

We created theWebShed so agency owners can manage their client's SEO campaigns from start to end - easily and effectively. We included many fantastic features to help you every step of the way. Don't believe us? Read on...

theWebShed Marketplace

Creating optimised content and completing offsite SEO activities - like building links and citations - requires experience and skill. That's why we have built the marketplace to put you in contact with the very best SEO experts in the UK. We hand pick each supplier to make sure they are the very best.

Choose your favourite suppliers (based on their price, reviews and previous work) and purchase their services easily through the platform.


Create Bespoke Strategies

Each of your clients have different budgets and different needs - there is no one-size-fits-all SEO strategy. With theWebShed you build tailored SEO strategies that will deliver for each of your clients.

Optimise your client's website for target keywords, discover onsite technical issues and decide the amount of content and offsite SEO needed to outrank the competition. Then bring this strategy to life in theWebShed marketplace.


Reputation Management

When it comes to local SEO, reviews are what really matter; Google won't rank a website with low-quality reviews. Not only that, but bad press can make the difference between an enquiry for your client, or one of their competitors.

But keeping track of your client's latest reviews is time-consuming and inefficient. That's where theWebShed excels; we keep track of their reviews for you, 100% up to date and accurate.


Full Citation Solution

If it's important that your clients rank for local phrases then it's important their citations are completely aligned, optimised... and abundant.

theWebShed will frequently report on each of your client's citations - we find more than any of our competition - across a wide range of sites. We'll tell you if any of them are wrong, and even fix them for you - with one click of a button.


Advanced keyword tracking

Local, national, map pack, Google, Bing, desktop, mobile... there's no keyword tracking we can't do. We'll crawl your client's keywords every single day; keeping track of their top 10 competitors and even how the SERP looked.

Discover cannibalising pages to see where your clients are competing against themselves. You can also assign dedicated landing pages so you can see if your on-page SEO is working.


Daily Reporting

In order to determine how well your client's website is performing you need a robust reporting tool that will drive actionable insights.

theWebShed will track and monitor keyword rankings, website traffic and conversions from Google Analytics, site issues from Google Search Console and more! So you can update your client's strategy at any time based on these findings to drive further success.


Jack of all trades, master of SEO

"Not only does theWebShed help us manage, retain and get our clients performing, it's also a kick-ass SEO tool - matching some of the very best out there."

TheWebShed was created by two guys who, first and foremost, have a passion for SEO. With over 11 year's experience in the industry we know what's useful when it come to organic search...

Local Competition Review

We'll tell you where your client's competitors have citations, but your client doesn't.

Technical reports

Link up your client's Google Search Console and Analytics accounts to include key sections into your ongoing reporting.


Easily identify when your client's current optimisation is competing against itself with our cannibalisation tool.


Book a demo

With prices starting from as little as £7.99 per month for UNLIMITED domains there's no excuse not to join our growing community today.

If you're not sure just yet if it's right for you, then why not book a demo where we can show the tool working for YOUR website.