No Ordinary Keyword Tracker

Keyword tracking is the foundation of any good SEO tool. We've built our keyword explorer to rival the very best out there, but it costs only a fraction of the price.

No Ordinary Keyword Tracker

An All-In-One Keyword Tool


Our local keyword tracking covers all scenarios; map pack results, location IP-set, and even your regular 'keyword area' searches.


If your client service's nationally then our keyword explorer will keep track of their performance, and provide insight into fluctuations.


We can track keywords across every local Google search engine, from the US to India. We can even track Bing and Yandex.

Actionable Keyword Tracking

We've packed a lot into our keyword tracker so it provides as much value as possible; every feature is purpose-driven so that it provides actionable insights for each of your client's campaigns.

Segment your keywords into groupings

Group your keywords into relevant and valuable keyword sets. This helps you to review how the actions you've taken have impacted not single keywords, but groups of phrases together.

Assess where the biggest opportunities for driving traffic lie as we incorporate search volume, monthly trends, CPC and competition data straight from AdWords.


Landing page review

See if your SEO actions are working by assigning your optimised pages to keywords, to see if they're the pages that rank. We'll also detail any cannibalising pages where your client's own pages are competing against themselves.


What are your quick wins?

Identifying quick win keyword opportunities is key to retaining and growing your SEO client base. We will show you these for every client you have, taking into account current position, search volumes and competition levels.


Who's the competition?

With competition in the SERPs growing, it's important to know who are your client's competitors - and it can be difficult to keep track of this in an agency. Have no fear; we do this automatically, based on which websites appear the most across your client's keywords.


What did the SERP look like?

Did your SERP listing in Google change, and did you see a ranking change because of it? We monitor the page title and meta description that appears for every one of your keywords every day, so you can see if it changes over time by reviewing previous SERP listings.


Average rank tracking

Individual keywords are great, but they don't give you the whole picture. Our tool not only gives you rankings by individual keyword but it also lets you group your keywords into projects and show you average rankings so you can monitor the performance of keyword sets.


See it work for your website

With prices starting from as little as £7.99 per month for UNLIMITED domains there's no excuse not to join our growing community today.

If you're not sure just yet if it's right for you, then why not book a demo where we can show the tool working for YOUR website.