A new look, but the same great tool!

22 January 2018 Kieran Headley Leave a comment Company Updates

Its been a great start to the year for theWebShed and we have been making some big changes to the platform, the most obvious of which is our brand new design!

Below are the highlights for the changes that we have made to the platform;

  • New Design
  • Quick View Keywords
  • Redirect Mapping
  • Request Counts
  • Report Builder Update
  • Card Payments
  • Easier Signup
  • No Card Trials


New Design

As mentioned the most noticeable change that we have rolled out is a new design, we have been working on the redesign for the platform since before Christmas and we are so happy to show you the results of our efforts. We hope you agree;


Quick View Keywords

We know that when you are checking your keywords you want to check each keywords performance over time but that can be time consuming, having to click into each keyword individually. We have rolled out sparkline graphs into your keyword overview page to give you a quick view of your keyword performance over the last 30 days.

By hovering over the graph you can see at what date we had the keyword in the displayed position.


Redirect Mapping

Through the onsite optimiser you are able to create redirects for your pages, this is super simple to do but can be tough to keep tack of what redirects you have in place. We have rolled out the redirect mapping view in the onsite optimiser dashboard, this gives you an overview of all of the redirects you have in place through the onsite optimiser (Note. this does not include pages that redirect on your website via html, only redirects implements through the optimiser). Through this dashboard you can delete the redirect or update the page that your redirect points to.


Request Counts

As you know the amount you pay for the onsite optimiser can increase based on the number of page requests we get from your website. Anything under 100,000 per month is included within the standard onsite optimiser app cost, anything above this will be charged, details on the charges can be found here. We have now made it easier to see how many page requests you have used directly from your dashboard, we also detail any additional charges here.


Report Builder

We love our report builder, it is so easy to build and update a report with many different elements. But there was something missing, the ability to edit a section when you have added it to your new report. Its a small change but should make a big difference to the time it takes to build a new report.


Card Payments

We have moved away from Direct Debit payments, whilst they were super simple to use we felt that people were more comfortable using card payments. We have moved to Stripe, giving us the ability to bill in over 130 different currencies.


Easier Signup

We have changed our signup process, we took a step back and realise that half of the information you had to enter was not needed, so we removed them. The signup process is now a single page and takes less than 1 minute.