Never forget to crawl a site again

theWebShed onsite auditor performs weekly crawls of your client's website to identify existing, brand new and - importantly - fixed website SEO issues. Easily track the performance impact of the technical SEO work you complete and communicate this to your clients.

Never forget to crawl a site again

Insightful, actionable and frequent

A good website crawler is key for anyone who wants to do SEO well. Technical issues can stop a client from performing - no matter how good everything else is.

theWebShed onsite auditor keeps track of all the most important areas you need to track to ensure best performance.

Even better - we crawl up to 5,000 pages of your site weekly so you never forget, and can easily keep track of issues and quick wins.


There are three key areas to our auditor

Each of the below are tracked weekly and also displayed in easy-to-understand (and share) graphs so you can monitor how they are increasing or decreasing over time and report to your clients.



Speed & Usability

1. Indexing

We'll track and report on all response codes found on every crawl we do, highlighting broken links and internal redirects.

We also show you what other areas may be impacting the indexing of your client's website, such as missing canonical tags, HTTP/HTTPS discrepancies and pages being blocked by your robots.txt.



2. Content

Monitor page titles, meta descriptions and heading tags across all of your clients.

We'll show you where you have missing content, content that is too long to display in the SERPs and duplicate content.


3. Speed & Usability

Page speed and usability are an increasingly important ranking factor is Google's algorithm. And don't forget the upcoming mobile-first index; don't let your clients get left behind.

Thankfully we track how your site's measure up against Google's guidelines from both a desktop and mobile perspective.


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