Making all websites equal

Our Onsite Optimiser is a truly unique piece of technology; simply put you can implement onsite SEO without touching the website. Save hours of resource, the pain of FTP/CMS login details, and optimise all clients to the same standard.

Making all websites equal
Equal SEO For All Sites

Whether it's implementing meta data, redirects, schema, canonicals and more... with the Onsite Optimiser suddenly every website can be optimised as well as the most expensive, and SEO focused, CMS platforms out there.

You don't need CMS or FTP access

Once you've installed 2 small lines of JavaScript into the head of your website you never need login details again. No more painful FTP or CMS login changes.

Save countless hours of resource

No more waiting for slow CMS pages to load. Optimise every page of a website from a single place, driving efficiency for time-intensive tasks that can suck hours away from SEO'ers and developers alike.

So What Exactly Can You Change Using It?

We've designed the Onsite Optimiser to edit the following SEO elements of any webpage; page titles, meta descriptions, H1 headings, canonical tags, meta robots tags and redirects. And we're constantly updating the tool, so expect more onsite SEO elements to be edit-able.

Drive Efficiency Further With Our Chrome Plugin

We've also developed a Chrome plugin so you can optimise your client's websites without ever needing to login to theWebShed!


Don't Just Take My Word For It, See How It Works Below

"I would have given my left arm for a tool like this on certain clients in my years in SEO"

Chris Green
Chris Green Head of Marketing StrategiQ Marketing

How Much Does It Cost?

The Onsite Optimiser tool costs just £7.50 per month when purchased with theWebShed. This includes up to 100,000 page hits per client.

However, we also understand that this is a solution for more enterprise level websites too. Below you will find costs for the Onsite Optimiser based on monthly page hits in addition to the tool cost.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email.

0 - 100k
100k - 250k
£10 per month
250k - 500k
£30 per month
500k - 1m
£50 per month
1m - 2.5m
£75 per month
2.5m - 5m
£100 per month

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