Prove your SEO theories correct

The award-winning Onsite Optimiser is a truly unique piece of technology; simply put you can implement onsite SEO without touching the website. Prove your SEO theory works before asking your developer to make the change.

Read about our win at the European Search Awards
Prove your SEO theories correct

2018 European Search Award's Winner

We're incredibly proud to have won the Highy Commended award within the Best Software Innovation at the 2018 European Search Awards. Read more about our win here.

Also, hear what some of our users are saying about the Onsite Optimiser...

"...the only easy tool I know of that can bypass months of development queues and avoid us making lengthy business cases."

Jon Hogg
Jon Hogg Head of SEO at iProspect Manchester Read the full iProspect case study here

"I would have given my left arm for a tool like this on certain clients in my years in SEO"

Chris Green
Chris Green Head of Marketing @ Strategiq / SEMRush Webinar Presenter StrategiQ Marketing
Get inhouse and business buy-in

Ever had an SEO change rejected as no-one believed what value it would have? Prove your SEO technical changes work with the Onsite Optimiser and build a case study to have them hardcoded onto the site.

Works on any website & CMS

It's really easy to implement the Onsite Optimiser onto your client's website. Simply add 2 small lines of JavaScript into the head of ANY website and you're ready to go!

Equal SEO For All Sites

Whether it's implementing meta data, redirects, schema, canonicals and more... with the Onsite Optimiser suddenly every website can be optimised as well as the most expensive, and SEO focused, CMS platforms out there.

So What Exactly Can You Change Using It?

We've designed the Onsite Optimiser to edit the following SEO elements of any webpage; page titles, meta descriptions, H1 & H2 headings, canonical tags, meta robots tags and even implement redirects. And we're constantly updating the tool, so expect more onsite SEO elements to be edit-able.

Don't Just Take My Word For It, See How It Works Below

Make Changes Even Easier With Our Chrome Plugin

We've also developed a Chrome plugin so you can make the required edits to your client's websites without needing to login to theWebShed platform


How Much Does It Cost?

Onsite Optimiser prices start from just £19.99 per month for each website you use it on. This includes up to 50k page hits.

However, if you're website receives more than 50k page hits per month then monthly prices are below.

As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email.

0 - 50k
£19.99 per month
50k - 250k
£39.99 per month
250k - 1m
£99.99 per month
1m - 5m
£199.99 per month
5m - 30m
£339.99 per month
30m +
£Custom per month

Book a demo

With prices starting from as little as £7.99 per month for UNLIMITED domains there's no excuse not to join our growing community today.

If you're not sure just yet if it's right for you, then why not book a demo where we can show the tool working for YOUR website.