theWebShed joins the Ignite 2.0 accelerator

5 February 2018 Kieran Headley Leave a comment Company Updates

So you may have seen in the here’s what to expect in 2018 post that we had some super-secret and super-exciting news to kick start 2018. Well, we know you guys are dying to know, and we don’t want to cause any more pain for our readers 🙂

Today we can officially announce that theWebShed has been accepted on the 2018 Ignite 2.0 Accelerator programme!

So, who are Ignite?

Ignite is “the UK’s first distributed startup support and investment network”. They specialise in helping tech start-ups, just like ours, thrive in an ever-expanding and ever-more-busy industry. They help founders from all over the UK take their startup to the next level.

We will be joining a 100+ strong family of startups on a mission to build healthy, scalable businesses and support each other in the process of doing so. And we couldn’t be more excited!

So why did we chose to apply for Ignite in the first place?

Kieran and I have taken theWebShed from a mere idea (formed over a drink in a pub) to a working model with a healthy customer base of many different agencies. But we’re committed to making this more than just a regular income; we want to show the SEO world what theWebShed can do and why we believe it’s a bit of a game changer when it comes to SEO tools.

And this is where Ignite have proven – time and time again – that they can help us.

Ignite have a wealth of experience growing tech businesses just like ours this will help to provide support with customer acquisition, customer services, product development… to name just a few. Along with the support network they will provide the funding needed to help to speed up the delivery of new features, something which we know you will all love!

What’s next

For those of you who have your own business, maybe even your own tool / software product, you’ll know the challenges that we face to help take this business to the next level.

We’re close to having almost everything in place too, there are just a few more new features coming up in the roadmap for Q1/2 that we believe will catapult us into the market. (If you want to see more about the great new features we have lined up check out our roadmap post here.)

So, there you go. Hopefully you guys will keep following us on our journey with Ignite over the coming months. We’re buzzing about it, and we can’t wait to see where this takes us.

One things for sure – it won’t be boring!