Happy New Years! Here’s what to expect in 2018

31 December 2017 Kieran Headley Leave a comment Company Updates

Here’s to a great 2017 and we hope you are looking forward to 2018 as much as we are! Our first full year has been an exciting one with lots of development of our platform. Here are some of the highlights below;

Not wanting to rest on our laurels we have some great things planned for the platform over 2018, and this is just the beginning! We also have some super secret and super cool news coming in January! Watch this space! Here is an overview of what you can expect to see in 2018;

Backlink Data
We have been planning to add this into the platform for a while, we will be bringing in backlink data for your website and your main competitors which will be automatically updated on a monthly basis.

Onsite Optimiser
We are planning to build out our onsite optimiser tool, this will be to include the ability to edit image alt tags, add/edit content and edit additional advanced SEO elements.

Server Log Analysis
Server logs have paid a vital part in our analysis of how Google interprets Javascript changes and as such we have built our own analysis software to help us track the logs. We are going to be rolling this out to our onsite audit overview in 2018.

Version Control
We are building in version control functionality into the onsite optimiser tool, allowing you to see who has edited what page and when. It will also give you the ability to roll back changes made to their previous versions in a single click.

A/B Testing
With the tracking of changes made to your onsite optimisation through the version control integration we can give users the ability to setup SEO tests. Create an SEO test, make the changes using the optimiser and track the outcome through keyword performance, Analytics and Search Console data.

Automated A/B Testing
The initial part of the A/B testing will be a manual process but there are plans in the pipeline to automate this. The system will automatically track changes made and highlight which changes have seen an improvement, advising you to make said changes on additional pages. The more you test the more it learns.

Search Console
We are going to be offering a deeper search console integration allowing us to pull more information about your websites performance directly into your dashboard.

Notification Panel (The Newsfeed)
Get all of your notifications in one place, if you have multiple customers it can be tricky to get quick information about their campaign without having to view each one individually. The Newsfeed will list all updates for all customers and will be filterable by type, customer and date.


Thats just a snippet of what we have planned, stay tuned to our Twitter page for news on the new releases.