Whats new in August 2017

31 August 2017 Kieran Headley Leave a comment Dev Updates

Hello all, it has been a crazy last few months, hence the lack of updates but don’t worry it was well worth it! Not only have we built a direct to consumer version of our platform called theSEOShed (creative we know!) but we have also had time to make some awesome changes to theWebShed platform itself! See below for a list of our key changes;

  • New look citation audits with even more data!
  • The ability to build citations through our platform!!
  • New look review data with more review sources!!!
  • Even more functionality in our report builder!!!!


We have revamped our citation audit pages on the platform to ensure that we show you the best information at the right time! We have a key citations overview highlighting if you appear in the main citation sites;

Along with a list of both active and potential citations;


Not only that but we now grab 5 of your competitors based on map search results and check their citations as well;

We have also reconfigured our crawlers and are grabbing you even more data! Instead of listing both primary & secondary citations we have started to grab only the data that will affect your SEO campaign, listing the active citations you have and giving you a big list of where you could be. Now you can use this data yourself and manually build the citations or we can do it for you!

Any citation on the list where you see the above icon is a citation that we can build for you, for a small cost. This saves you the hassle of going to each of the websites manually and entering the information. All of the information supplied is already in your account so its as easy as clicking purchase! We can also update your information for you if it is incorrect.

Reputation Management

Not only have we revamped the citation data but we have also updated our review overview again giving you more focus on what matters.

Not only that but we have also introduces Foursquare and Zomato tracking into the reputation platform, and given you a hand tool to find your profile from within the platform;

We have improved the sentiment analysis for the reviews within the platform, making us of Google’s great natural language processing to get a great understanding of what is being said in the reviews and show you that information in an easy to understand word cloud;

Filters, filters, filters! You can now filter your reviews by Sentiment, Star Rating, Review Source and Word. Filter your reviews to highlight areas a business can improve or where the business is doing things right!


Report Builder

We were really happy with our report builder when we launched it, allowing you to report on all aspects of your SEO campaign via a whitelabeled interactive report or a PDF download. There was just one thing missing, Updates! Well we have added the ability for you to update your reports when they have been ran, adding and removing elements from the the report until you have it how you want it!

Once you have the report how you want it you can then save the report as a template and use it across all clients within your account! Not only that but if you want the send the same report to the same client and just tweak the dates you can now clone reports at the touch of a button!



So as you can see it has been a busy last few months and there is a lot more to come, including a tool that is going to change how you implement onsite SEO forever! If you like what you see above be sure to book in a free demo of the platform.