Whats new in October 2017

31 October 2017 Kieran Headley Leave a comment Company Updates

Welcome to our October 2017 product update, its been a crazy couple of months at theWebShed hence the lack of updates. Our main focus has been the update of our onsite audit tool and crawler. See below for a list of our key changes to our onsite offering;

– Stats Overviews
– Data Explorer
– Page Explorer
– Optimiser Explorer

Stats Overview

We loved the simplicity of our old stats overview but there just wasn’t enough data for you, and we do love data. Not only have we totally overhauled the look of the onsite audit section but we complete 15x more checks on your website.

The onsite audit section is now split down into 5 sections. On top of this there is also our new Data Explorer section and our trusty Onsite Optimiser. A breakdown of each section, including what data we pull, is below;

Data tracked – Response codes, HTTP/S breakdown, www/non-www breakdown, canonical linking issues
Standout feature – We also track other relevant crawl overview stats (like whether the site has a SSL certificate, is there a working 404 page, and more areas key for agencies to keep track of)

Data tracked – heading content, title tags, meta descriptions, image alts, internal linking
Standout feature – We report on traffic and engagement levels by word count. You can see immediately what length of content Google loves, and your users love

Page Speed
Data tracked – Average loading time, resource loading times, page speed breakdown
Standout feature – We list all of your pages by load time. Want to know which pages take over 3 seconds to load?

Data tracked – Indexable and non-indexable pages, blocked by robots, non-canonical pages
Standout feature – Orphan pages; we hook up with GA and your sitemap to highlight pages that are orphaned and driving traffic, or those that are not driving traffic!

Standout feature – we automatically use your existing robots.txt file to crawl your site, but you can update this within our platform if you want to test and play around.

Below are screenshots for some of our new sections:
Technical Overview

Content Overview

Data Explorer

As mentioned there is a completely new addition to the onsite audit tool, we’ve called it the Data Explorer. The Data Explorer allows you to query our crawl data as if it was your own. It’s a novel approach in technical SEO, and we’re sure you’ll love it.

You can filter over 35 different data points easily to get what you need. So a few examples:

– Show me all pages that return a 200 status and have empty title tags
– Show me all pages that have a meta description that contains the word “SEO” (great for detecting cannibalisation)
– Show me all pages that load over 2 seconds, get less than 100 visits a month, have a low reading score, have more than one H1, and contain “SEO” in the title… not immediately obvious why that would help, but you could do that if you really wanted to 🙂

The data explorer also links into other data from across the platform including Google Analytics, Google Search Console and theWebShed Keyword Tracker. We also plan to expand this out to backlinks when we work this data into the platform in the new year.

Page Explorer

We rolled out the Page Explorer when we first rolled our onsite audit tool. This section allowed you to see advanced data for any individual page, allowing you to get way more granular in your technical audits.

We liked it so much we have kept it and just added more actionable data to it. This includes readability scores, internal linking and image breakdowns. The screenshot below is an example of the internal linking breakdown; this gives you a great way to find links to broken pages and also broken links on your page.

Optimiser Explorer

We’re really happy with the new filtering options within the Data Explorer. In fact we loved it so much we’ve worked it into the Onsite Optimiser! So now you ca, for example, filter your pages to show all pages that have empty title tags and update them all in one go, easy.


Over the next few weeks we will be rolling out our training pages on thewebshed.co showing you some quick hints and tips on how to use the onsite audit tool to get the most out of your data!

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